Brilliant – a short story

This short abstract/experimental animation takes place in a world without creative minds. Industry has defaced the world turning everything the same shade of gray including the people. In this world, intelligence in determined by what can be measured on a scale. People are being educated away from their talents and capabilities and are being fit into the same mold. This mold being what we value as intelligence. Our story follows a young artist and his mission to enlighten a world that has forgotten beauty. Against the odds, he shows the world the value of his intelligence and creativity. His example creates a revolution and changes the world in a way that is truly Brilliant.

This video was created entirely by Austin Halvorsen (an EMDA student at Southern Oregon University) including the music, with the exception of the actors and stage hands.

“Brilliant – a short story” was animated and composited in Adobe After Effects, drawn in Illustrator and Photoshop, and edited in Premiere.

Music composed in Fl Studios 10.

Winner of the Ashland Independent Film Festival’s Student Launch competition.

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