The Perfect Font 2013

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In a tradition passed down ritually from elder to younger for generations beyond memory, Southern Oregon University digital media professors Warren Hedges, Erik Palmer and Randolph Jones reenacted the Rite of The Perfect Font on Oct. 7, 2013. Provided with

EMDA student showcase — Ariel Statchwick

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Cartoons, comics, and anime-style art, including character commissions and concept designs, from freelance artist Ariel Statchwick. Ariel’s portfolio:

West Wind Review Twenty Thirteen

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Cover art for the 2013 edition of SOU’s literary magazine, West Wind Review, by EMDA graduate Austin Gurwell.

Cotton Candy Slaughter House

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A blast from the past ~ Some EMDA students calling themselves “Lost Astronaut Productions” got together last year and created this hilarious animated video. Permalink to Cotton Candy Slaughter House:

Brilliant – a short story

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This short abstract/experimental animation takes place in a world without creative minds. Industry has defaced the world turning everything the same shade of gray including the people. In this world, intelligence in determined by what can be measured on a

SOU Digital Media Center

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Thanks to Brandon Givens, Production Coordinator at the Southern Oregon University Digital Media Center, for creating this highlight reel showcasing the work of Film, Television, Convergent Media (Communications Dept.), and EMDA students at Southern Oregon University from 2012. Permalink to

Reaper 27 Trailer

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This video was created by EMDA student Vaughn Swanson as a class project for EMDA 202 – Digital Video Foundations. You can find more of Vaughn’s work on his YouTube Channel. Permalink to Reaper 27 trailer:

Southern Oregon University | Week of Welcome 2013

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Week of Welcome 2013 at SOU was an outstanding mix of arts, athletics, anticipation, and excitement. Video by EMDA instructor Jared Hail. Link to video: