EMDA Faculty Focus: David Bithell

David Bithell

Dr. David Bithell, Assistant Professor of Art and Art History and Emerging Media & Digital Arts (photo by Rory N. Finney)

Don’t let his baby face fool you. With an oeuvre rivaling even the most prolific of veteran creatives, David Bithell has performed his nearly fifty experimental theatre works, instrumental compositions, and structured music improvisations at ninety-five events around the globe. That includes venues in Belgium, Lithuania, France, and South Korea as well as stateside in New York City, Brooklyn, Boston, Princeton, Providence, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Miami, Austin, Dallas, San Francisco, Berkeley, and San Diego. Exhausted yet? Bithell isn’t. He’s just begun making his synaesthetic mark on the emerging genre of digital art, music, technology, and theatre he’s helping to define.

More information: sou.edu/art/faculty/bithell