EMDA Faculty Focus: Jenifer Knippel

Jenifer has a B.A. in Saxophone Performance and Music Composition from SOU; and an M.M. from the University of Oregon in Intermedia Music Technology.

Jenifer is an active musician, electronic music and e-textile creator, and purple enthusiast. Her background includes composing, programming and performing live electronic pieces generated and manipulated by various controllers such as the WiiMote, NunChuck, Gametrack, Wacom tablet and an infrared device entitled “blue air.” She works in the applications of Max/MSP/Jitter and Kyma, she has also dabbled in creating her own controllers with the use of arduino and the LilyPad products. Additionally, Jenifer studies and performs repertoire for saxophone and tape or digital track in addition to collaborating with composers to create new contemporary works for chamber ensembles. Jenifer has created light-up motion & sound activated apparel such as shoes and super-hero suits for personal use. She currently plays the Zimbabwean marimbas in Rutendo, the soprano saxophone in The New Reeds saxophone quartet, and sings and plays percussion in Juice of the Soul: Aquarian Kirtan. In her academic activities outside of classes she composed music for theater at SOU and composed music for dance at the University of Oregon. Jenifer now works as the executive assistant for the Rogue Valley Symphony. Jenifer is a huge Bjork fan and finally saw her live last spring with Biophillia. Ask her about it.

Check out some of her live performance pieces:

roundLight for live voice, prerecorded electronics and live manipulation >> http://vimeo.com/23925397
Ziller’s Story for Wacom tablet and Kyma >> http://vimeo.com/33040988
Right Here, Over There for Gametrack, Max/MSP and Kyma >> http://vimeo.com/24029620